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The same goes for any position you try with him. Just keep experimenting. I agree to a certain point. I really want to boost his ego by having it while he is on top. He has been my only lover. I appreciate the new knowledge and I have tried a few of your technique and damn it it worked like a charm. Hmmm…you could try the sofa spooning position that I explain here or something like backseat driver that I explain here.

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Then it makes it incredibly easy to just transition to having sex with him and then start using the Burning Man. Also, any idea on activities or games to help improve sexual activities to avoid boredom. Hi Annie, Great to hear! Some of these standing sex positions are great for spicing things up when you want to have more physically vigorous sex with your man. Bonbon kind of mentioned it, but what are the best positions for height differences? Great sex is all about great communication, not just being experienced.

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